Pet Friendly - no extra charge

Advance notice and approval is required as only 1 designated room is available. Strictly no puppies - only small/medium well behaved and house trained dogs.

As pet bedding etc. is very specific to each pet, please bring everything you will need for your pet: bed/blanket/pad, bowls for food and water, pet food, lead, and poo bags.

If you have forgotten anything for your pet, just let me know.

Please do not leave your dog unattended in the bedroom - transfer your pet to your vehicle during breakfast.

Please be respectful of other guests who may not be comfortable around pets.

Poo bags can be left outside the shed…just place a rock on the bag so it doesn't fly away. I'll place it in our big dustbin.

The dunes and beach are dog heaven but please put on lead if people are around. Also be mindful of nesting birds and rabbit holes.